Announcing the MAKR Token Sale

Announcing the MAKR Token Sale (MAKR) has announced their MAKR token sale, which mines newly minted PRE-ICO/ICO tokens for MAKR token owners in platform. The platform will provide companies all the tools needed to create, manage and promote their ICOs to investors. In exchange for those services, MarketMakers receives a portion of those tokens which it distributes to MAKR token holders on a monthly basis.

All tokens currently being generated by the platform are being held for distribution to MAKR token holders when the token sale ends, at which point distribution percentages will be set based on MAKR token ownership. For example, if you own 5% of the outstanding 50m MAKR tokens, you receive 5% of all new assets generated in the platform on a monthly basis moving forward.

The token sale has a price schedule which is very aggressive, the price moves up for each block of 1m tokens that are sold and rewards early buyers. Anyone can view all token transactions and the upcoming price here. For example, the first block of 1m sold for $500, whereas the 10th block of 1m is listed for $11,000.  This schedule richly rewards early buyers, while those who wait for the asset portfolio to grow will pay more. It also forces MarketMakers to aggressively invest in growth and signing up new customers who will generate new ICO token opportunities, or the demand for MAKR tokens will drop.

The MAKR token sale will end one of two ways. In either event, the MAKR distribution percentage will be calculated and issued once the token sale ends, and token assets will begin to be distributed.

  1. All 50m MAKR tokens (out of a total 100m issued) are sold
  2. The price for MAKR tokens exceed market demand, which will be measured by a lack of MAKR buying activity for a consecutive 30-day period.

For additional information, visit the MAKR token sale website here.