The AERON Token Sale… 

The AERON Token Sale… 

Aeron is making aviation transparent and reliable

The key issue to address is the human factor when it comes to aviation safety. Human factor, possible corruption in the flight schools all contribute towards unsafe skies. Aeron, by implementing Blockchain technology, can benefit pilots, airlines as well as ordinary consumers.

They are planning to integrate Blockchain in such a way, so that pilot logs become more verifiable and transparent. They are also going to implement solutions that will help verify flight school credentials and help aircraft operators access uncorrupted data.

The Token Sale
Aeron’s token sale is currently active with tokens priced at $0.50, and the opportunity to earn a 25% token bonus ends in two days. In total, 100 mln ARN tokens will be issued. ARN tokens are ERC-20 compliant. Investors have the chance to buy 60 mln of these tokens that are available during the crowdsale. In the presale stage of (ARN) tokens, they raised over $1m.

Aeron has secured agreements to have the ARN token listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, with Binance and HitBTC being the first exchanges to list the token. The token sale will conclude on Oct. 23, 2017. Aeron will use a large portion of collected funds, up to 40 percent, for research and development. 30% will be dedicated towards marketing and promotion, and 10% for technology infrastructure.

They have plans to build a multi-stage platform over time in phases. In the future, they will be able to offer services related to aircraft maintenance records and even tracking spare parts that would lead to great improvements in flight safety. You can download and read their full whitepaper here.