SIGNiX: The ICO for Grown-ups

SIGNiX: The ICO for Grown-ups

SIGNiX is uniquely positioned to drive mass adoption of smart contracts through SmarTract, their smart contract platform. The company is offering an investment opportunity through a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens or Equity, or SAFTE.

SIGNiX already has a massive user base.
An existing digital signature business applies 100 million digital signatures to over 40 million contracts every year. That’s not a goal. That’s not a projection. That’s today.

Experts in blockchain cryptography.
To secure those 100 million digital signatures, they use Public Key Infrastructure, or PKI, the same cryptographic method required for every distributed ledger entry on any blockchain.

SmarTract will make smart contracts easy for everyone.
Their FLEX API™ allows partners to easily integrate their digital signature into existing applications. The SmarTract API will extend the same ease of integration to smart contracts.

Check out the video below for more on SIGNiX